Butter Knife Detail

Toaster Body Detail

Concept Ideation

Manufacture Process

Dear System on display

Project Workbook

Dear System was my final graduation project for Product Design BA at Edinburgh College of Art - a study into our increasingly amorphous relationships with appliances within the home, envisioning the object as service, and the user as product. In the connected home, objects are market-driven to cannibalise attention and work in increasingly complex ways to keep it.


As Dear System produces toast, it also listens - to user feedback, emotion, and reception; becoming yet more alien as it attempts to become human. Learning, it attempts to exploit the complexities of our connected future and produce a vision of the future home; with the toaster as metaphor.


The device burns targeted advertising onto toast as a means of paying for itself; while gathering seemingly useless data to build a worryingly comprehensive portrait of its owner, to be sold back to advertisers.