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In a cross-disciplinary exhibition, Product Design BA and Glass MA / MFA at Edinburgh College of Art hosted in the newly renovated ECA Fire Station space from the 5th to the 8th of December. The show was constructed around an ever-changing design landscape and the true nature of creative work—that of a maelstrom of activity, the exhibition identity was clean and set against flowing fabric.

In contrasts it shows the incredible breadth of design showcased, and their ever-changing state of flux. A work-in-progress exhibition showcasing the weird and wonderful, speculative and discursive, monstrous and mysterious workings-of-the-minute, and a sneak peak for the 2018 Degree Show.



Matei Alexandru, Leon Brown, Alvin Chan, Billy Dixon, Meghan Foley, Oscar Greig, Rachel Lambert, Katy Lobban, Joseph Revans, Joanna Spreadbury, Amy Steindl, Lauren Puckett, Phoebe Tan, Gregory Alliss, Marzena Ostromecka, Bhimanshu Pandel, Cara Louise Walker