Inventory Exhibition, 2017

Graphic Design

In a cross-disciplinary exhibition, Product Design BA and Glass MA / MFA at Edinburgh College of Art hosted in the newly renovated ECA Fire Station space from the 5th to the 8th of December. The show was constructed around an ever-changing design landscape and the true nature of creative work—that of a maelstrom of activity, the exhibition identity was clean and set against flowing fabric. In contrasts it shows the incredible breadth of design showcased, and their ever-changing state of flux. A work-in-progress exhibition showcasing the weird and wonderful, speculative and discursive, monstrous and mysterious workings-of-the-minute, and a sneak peak for the 2018 Degree Show.


Managing Newness was displayed at Inventory, 5th—8th December.



Product Design BA:

Matei Alexandru,Leon Brown, Alvin Chan, Billy Dixon, Meghan Foley, Oscar Greig, Rachel Lambert, Katy Lobban, Joseph Revans, Joanna Spreadbury, Amy Steindl

Glass MA:

Lauren Puckett, Phoebe Tan

Glass MFA:

Gregory Alliss, Marzena Ostromecka, Bhimanshu Pandel,

Cara Louise Walker

Plinth Card Evolution

Poster Evolution


Opening Night