Orchid Mascula


Form Evolution

Kakukei reveals an image of a floating world with an elegant lightness of being. An orchid, framed oblivious, by the eight crisp planes that define its form. Kakukei is an exploratory conversation in textures, materialities, and translucencies; the arrangement merging rapid-prototyping and the craft-intensive processes of casting glass.


The glass reservoir is constructed from a single piece of solid glass, and the internal chamber of only two pieces.  The hydrochomic coating is bonded to the outer surface of the Polylactide plastic pot. This streamlining of materials makes the object aesthetically minimalist, and easy to mass-produce.


Through Kakukei, I refine and give purpose to the sculptural forms of gone era; the octagonal vase a tradition within eastern Chinese and Japanese pottery, now re-birthed without ornament or the physical effort required in craft, for more individuals to experience.