Prototype Manufacture

Ideation Process

Pezt User Manual

Why should eating bugs be at all interesting? The Pezt BU-G220 is a kitchen appliance, just like any other—for growing, keeping, and eventually eating insects. The  reason behind our distaste for insects is that they are too foreign and unlike anything else in the kitchen.


There is no dark magic, nor futuristic technology involved. The secret to allowing criminally healthy, entirely sustainable and ethical food is to look toward the developing world, the history of entomophagy and to make it white, plastic, and boring.


After researching semiotics, signs, and the connection between food, culture and status; I identified the reasons why the western world has yet to take up insects in the kitchen—and the many benefits of doing so. People simply aren't familiar enough with insects within the home environment, and by creating an accessible and white-goods influenced product to act as a hub for interfacing with insects, we can all benefit without feeling obliged to be ashamed or disgusted.