leon BROWN
An experimental speaker that bridges analog and digital interactions through a control system that detects gestures and uses hand movements to control music.
A lamp created for designers, crafts-people and artists as an intelligent exploration into colour and space, through the use of digital accuracy and colour sensing to allow you total creative freedom with light.
A concept table-top insect farm that disguises the unfamiliar and explores how discursive design can change ingrained perceptions on entomophagy, or bug-eating.
Eight conceptual toasters of the near-future kitchen—imagining a circus stage where through technology, autonomous objects compete for our attention and evolve to meet human needs with parasitic and tribalistic behaviour. Managing Newness is a vision of an expanded internet-of-things pushed to the point of satire.
A new-age material experiment through the form of an eight-sided cast glass orchid vase, that indicates the plant’s water level using a hydrochromic coated inner cylinder that reveals a deep blue on contact with water — translating the plant’s chemical state into a physical impression on the product’s material.
A concept empowerment tool for taking control over anxiety, stress, and panic through monitoring and stabilisation of regular breathing rhythm and resting heartbeat.
An intelligent set of kitchen appliances that propose a data-connected vision for home—with a toaster that works to monopolise your identity through the obsessive collection and trading of your personal information to advertisers — to pay for itself with targeted advertising burnt into your toast.
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